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State Water & Environment Agencies

  1. Alabama Department of Environmental Management

  2. Alaska Department of Natural Resources
  3. Alaska DNR Division of Mining and Water Management
  4. Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
  5. Alaska Division of Air and Water Quality

  6. Arizona ADEQ Water Quality Division
  7. Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
  8. Arizona Department of Water Resources

  9. Arkansas Department of Health
  10. Arkansas Drinking Water Information

  11. California Department of Health Services
  12. California Department of Water Resources
  13. California Environmental Protection Agency
  14. California State Water Resources Control Board

  15. California Environmental Protection Agency
  16. California Environmental Resources Evaluation System
  17. California Integrated Waste Management Board
  18. Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
  19. Colorado Department of Natural Resources

  20. Connecticut Department of Public Health
  21. Connecticut Council on Environmental Quality

  22. Delaware Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Control
  23. Delaware Health and Social Services

  24. Florida Department of Environmental Protection
  25. Florida: Northwest Florida Water Management District
  26. Florida: South Florida Water Management District
  27. Florida: Southwest Florida Water Management District
  28. Florida: St. Johns River Water Management District

  29. Georgia Department of Natural Resources
  30. Georgia Environmental Protection Division

  31. Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources
  32. Hawaii Department of Health

  33. Idaho Department of Health and Welfare
  34. Idaho Department of Water Resources
  35. Idaho Department of Water Resources

  36. Illinois Bureau of Water
  37. Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
  38. Illinois State Water Survey

  39. Indiana Department of Environmental Management
  40. Indiana Department of Natural Resources Commission
  41. Indiana Office of Water Management

  42. Iowa Department of Natural Resources
  43. Iowa Environmental Protection Division

  44. Kansas Department of Health and Environment
  45. Kansas Water Office

  46. Kansas Department of Health and Environment - Public Water Supply Section
  47. Kansas Department of Health and Environment - Environmental Microbiology Lab - (helps protect public drinking water supplies)
  48. Kansas Water Office - (water planning, policy, and coordination agency)

  49. Kentucky Environmental Quality Commission
  50. Kentucky Water Watch
  51. Kentucky Division of Water

  52. Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality
  53. Louisiana DHH

  54. Maine Bureau of Resource Protection
  55. Maine Department of Environmental Protection
  56. Maine DHS
  57. Maine Drinking Water Program
  58. Maine Public Advocate Office

  59. Maryland Department of the Environment
  60. Maryland Department of Natural Resources

  61. Massachusetts Department of Environmental Management
  62. Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
  63. Massachusetts Drinking Water Program

  64. Michigan Department of Natural Resources
  65. Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
  66. Michigan Drinking Water and Radiological Protection Division

  67. Minnesota Department of Health
  68. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

  69. Minnesota Department of Commerce
  70. Mississippi State Department of Health

  71. Missouri Department of Natural Resources

  72. Montana Department of Environmental Quality

  73. Nebraska Health and Human Services System
  74. Nebraska Natural Resources Commission

  75. Nevada Department of Human Resources
  76. Nevada Safe Drinking Water Program

  77. New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

  78. New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

  79. New Mexico Environment Department

  80. New York Department of Environmental Conservation
  81. New York Department of Health
  82. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
  83. New York City Department Of Environmental Protection
  84. New York City Department Of Environmental Protection - New York.
  85. New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation

  86. North Carolina Department of Environment, Health, and Natural Resources
  87. North Carolina Division of Water Resources

  88. North Dakota Department of Health
  89. North Dakota State Water Commission

  90. Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
  91. Ohio EPA Division of Surface Water
  92. Ohio Division of Drinking and Ground Waters

  93. Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality

  94. Oregon Department of Human Resources
  95. Oregon Drinking Water Program
  96. Oregon Water Resources Department
  97. Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

  98. Pennsylvania Bureau of Water Supply Management
  99. Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
  100. Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
  101. Pennsylvania Resource Agencies

  102. Rhode Island Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management

  103. South Corolina Department of Health and Environmental Control
  104. South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

  105. South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources
  106. South Dakota Drinking Water

  107. South Dakota DENR new
  108. Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation

  109. Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission
  110. Texas Public Drinking Water
  111. Texas Water Development Board

  112. Utah Department of Environmental Quality
  113. Utah Division of Drinking Water
  114. Utah Department Of Natural Resources

  115. Vermont Agency of Natural Resources
  116. Vermont Environmental Board

  117. Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
  118. Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources

  119. Washington Department of Ecology
  120. Washington Department of Health
  121. Washington Division of Drinking Water
  122. WashingtonWashington State Department of Natural Resources

  123. West Virginia West Virginia Division of Environmental Protection

  124. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

  125. Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality

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  2. Law Links - by State
  3. Other State Home Pages - [Nebraska Natural Resources Commission].
  4. State and Local Governments [Library of Congress].
  5. State Government Web Servers new

State Regulatory Agencies Top

  1. NARUC - National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners
  2. Alabama Public Service Commission
  3. Alaska Public Utilities Commission
  4. Arizona Corporation Commission

  5. Arkansas Public Service Commission
  6. Arkansas Department of Information Systems
  7. California Electricity Industry Restructuring Oversight Board.
  8. California Energy Commission
  9. California Public Utilities Commission
  10. California Energy Commission Energy Calendar

  11. Colorado Public Utilities Commission
  12. Connecticut DPUC
  13. Contact Information for Commissions and Consumer Advocates

  14. Delaware Public Service Commission
  15. Florida Public Service Commission
  16. Georgia Public Service Commission

  17. Georgia State Energy Office
  18. Hawaii Public Utilities Commission
  19. Idaho Public Utilities Commission
  20. Illinois Commerce Commission
  21. Illinois Citizens Utilities Board
  22. Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor
  23. Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission
  24. Iowa State Utilities Board

  25. Kansas Corporation Commission
  26. Kansas Corporation Commission Energy Programs
  27. Kentucky Public Service Commission

  28. Louisiana Public Service Commission

  29. Maine Public Utilities Commission
  30. Maryland Public Service Commission
  31. Massachusetts Deptartment of Telecommunications and Energy

  32. Massachusetts Division of Energy Resources previous new
  33. Minnesota Department of Public Service
  34. Minnesota Public Utilities Commission
  35. Mississippi Public Service Commission
  36. Missouri Public Service Commission
  37. Missouri Office of the Public Counsel
  38. Michigan Public Service Commission
  39. Montana Public Service Commission

  40. Nebraska Public Service Commission
  41. Nevada Public Utilities Commission
  42. New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission

  43. New Jersey Board of Public Utilities
  44. New Jersey Division of the Ratepayer Advocate
  45. New Mexico Public Utility Commission

  46. New Mexico Energy Conservation
  47. New York Consumer Protection Board
  48. New York State Public Service Commission
  49. North Carolina Utilities Commission
  50. North Dakota Public Service Commission

  51. Ohio Public Utilities Commission
  52. Ohio Consumer's Counsel
  53. Ohio Office of Energy Efficiency previous new
  54. Oklahoma Corporation Commission
  55. Oregon Office of Energy
  56. Oregon Public Utility Commission

  57. Oregon Office of Energy
  58. Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission
  59. Pennsylvania Office of Consumer Advocate

  60. Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission

  61. San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
  62. South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs
  63. South Carolina Public Service Commission
  64. South Carolina Energy Office
  65. South Dakota Public Utilities Commission

  66. Tennessee Regulatory Authority
  67. Texas Office of Public Utility Counsel
  68. Texas Public Utility Commission

  69. Texas State Energy Conservation Office
  70. Utah Committee of Consumer Services
  71. Utah Division of Public Utilities
  72. Utah Public Service Commission

  73. Vermont Department of Public Service
  74. Vermont Public Service Board
  75. Virginia State Corporation Commission

  76. Washington Utilities & Transportation Commission
  77. West Virginia Public Service Commission
  78. Wisconsin Public Service Commission
  79. Wyoming Public Service Commission
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