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1.  Christmas and New Year Traditions.
Christmas, history and traditional activities. Word games and holidays celebrations with Santa Claus. Christmas links for kids and the entire family.

2.  Christmas traditions
Christmas traditions and customs around the world. Experience the magic of the real Christmas story and find the origin of many Christmas traditions.

3.  Christmas Tree Traditions and Folklore
This year over 33 million American families will celebrate the holidays with the fragrance and beauty of a real Christmas tree. The tree, used as a symbol of life, is a tradition

4.  A Positive Light - Web of Christmas
From around the world we say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Some surprising background on our holiday traditions, plus Christmas greetings in a hundred languages.

5.  The Ultimate Christmas Site - English Traditions
The Christmas season is filled with many traditional, if not fascinating and amusing, customs. We describe a few below for your enjoyment. The Glastonbury Thorn Every year the

6.  Christine O'Keeffe's Christmas Page
Christmas traditions, customs, carols, and links. History of Saint Nicholas and Twelfth Night.

7.  A Search for the Meaning of Christmas--Christmas Celebrations
Christmas holiday site highlighting Christmas celebrations as well as family and religious traditions.

8.  Christmas Around the World
Christmas fun on the net

9.  Christmas Traditions Around the World
As December approaches each year the world begins to change. Local radio stations seem to play nothing but Christmas music, gaudy plastic Santas take their place on front lawns,

10.  DCS Christmas Traditions from the United Kingdom
A detailed listing of traditional events and items telling about their origination in the UK. WorldView: Christmas in the United Kingdom


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